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Do you need a stunning and professional-looking website?

The initial benefit of a flash web design is to make your website attractive to visitors when they visit your web site. The use of animation in website design is a challenge - not so much in terms of the technical aspect as in the creative aspect. We, at Orange Softech, add animation and interactivity to our client’s websites using Flash development taking your idea or concept to another level to give your products and service a unique identity. Our web designers can create Flash website in an eye catching and sophisticated way able to feature interactive image galleries, flash video players, stylish menus or entire flash websites.

We have invested a lot of time and effort in putting together a talented team of individuals with the ability to utilise Flash to its full potential. Whether it is designing a small widget or developing a portal used by millions daily, we look after every last detail. We ensure that each pixel is perfect and every single transition is seamless, creating the balance between technology and design without compromising performance.

Flash has evolved from a gimmicky animation technique to a sophisticated software platform that has saved the way for a whole new generation of engaging websites. We have always been strong advocates of Flash, recognising it ability to transform traditional applications into interactive solutions that combine rich media and dynamic content. If planned and executed correctly, Flash provides the perfect solution for a range of important online business applications:

Full Flash websites that may incorporate secure eCommerce, engaging animation, 3d renders, streaming video, music, content management functionality and external data feeds.

Custom business applications (EG survey systems, billing system, crm systems, streaming video platforms)

Flash movies and widgets to enrich HTML sites with a more interactive element.

Engaging banners to be used as the impetus for online marketing campaigns

Interactive presentations to compliment speeches

Our flash web designs are capable of having.

  • Navigation with animation.
  • Sound and animation that loads quickly
  • Online presentation with eye-catching graphics
  • Rich-user interfaces that enhance user experience
  • Cutting edge visual effects

The Flash Website Design enables you to create simple as well as complex Flash animations, where by you can combine different fonts and effects within a single Flash animation. Flash Website Design is very user-friendly, wide range effect templates ready for use, and you don't need any Flash/HTML or programming skills to use it. . A presence on the Internet brings you into today's world of advertising, allowing you to reach out to a vast amount of potential clients. Why not allow your business to step up to the plate.

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